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A Framework for Setting Product Strategy

The key phases and exercises to work through when defining product strategy.

Product Lifecycle ABCs

Using Alpha, Beta & Commercialization phases to de-risk product initiatives and optimize overall value delivered

Setting Your Product North Star & Key Metrics

Measuring the value users are getting from your product

Where to Use Blockchain Technology

Comparing Blockchain with other Data Storage Methods

How the Internet Works

The internet is a collection of lots of small networks routing information between each other by using standardized protocols. Here are details about how some of these components work to create the internet...

Where to Apply Machine Learning

Machine Learning is being used to solve many problems, which problems can you use it for?...

Architecting a New Look for Mobile Advertising

In the last few years, publishers have seen a majority of their readers reaching their sites from mobile devices. The smartphones that everyone thought would be our “second screen” have become the first screen for accessing media...

Sync vs. Asynchronous Team Communication

We communicate in two ways, synchronously and asynchronously. Synchronous communication is when people are focused continuously until the communication is finished...

Getting a JS Dev Environment Setup Quick

These are the scripts I use to get a new computer setup quick. These scripts are for use on OSX (Tested on 10.12.1)....

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